KUALA LUMPUR: Pasukhas Group Bhd has secured a contract worth RM7.08mil for concrete substructure works for the head building of Dexcom Malaysia Factory 3 Project, Penang.

The company, in a Bursa filing, said its wholly owned subsidiary Pasukhas Construction Sdn Bhd (PCSB) accepted a letter of award from Exyte Malaysia Sdn Bhd (EMSB).




“The scope of works shall comprise of the concrete substructure works for head building of Dexcom Malaysia Factory 3 Project, Penang.

“The date of commencement of the work is on Aug 31, 2022 and the final acceptance date is on Jan 9, 2023,” it said.

Pasukhas expects the contract to contribute positively to the company’s future earnings, earnings per share and enhance the consolidated net assets of the company while the group’s gearing will depend on, amongst others, the manner of funding for the contract.

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